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Power analyzer for Logging and evaluation of Net harmonics

Power analyzer DPA3011

For development and troubleshooting

Need to check the mains (110 / 230Vac) loading of a device and need to comply to the IEC6100-3-2? Then you need a power analyzer, which will show you all numbers and graphs.

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Power analyzer DPA3011 | ELab Tools

Power analysis

The Power Analyzer is comprehensive device that is used to measure Power factor, Harmonics and distortion, as well as inrush currents and create log files of the dynamic behaviour of the power consumption of a device.

Harmonics are analysed according to IEC 61000-3-2 and inrush current values can be determined at all phase angles (in an automated sequence)

The inrush current analysis automatically finds the highest inrush value by switching the device on, at different phase angles.
Data logging is used when long time effects need to be evaluated.

This measurement instrument has been designed for electronic engineers who deal with devices that are connected to the Mains like inverters, machines and power supplies.

Graphs The Graph screen shows a full wave of the Voltage and Current.

Harmonic analysis Shows a Bar Graph and a Table of the 40 harmonic currents (in accordance with IEC 61000-3-2).

Inrush current analysis Find the angle and peak current of inrush.

Data logging Continuously store the RMS value of each half cycle (10ms @ 50Hz) on a USB Flash drive or via Ethernet in CSV format.

The DPA3011 features in brief

  • Scope screen of Voltage and current
  • Power Analysis with VA, Watt, VAR, Power factor and angle.
  • Harmonic distortion with spectral density screen.
  • Harmonics table with color coding for IEC6100-3-2 limits.
  • Inrush current measurement that finds the worse-case phase angle.
  • Data logging on a USB stick or other the Ethernet connector.

The benefits of the DPA3011 for engineers

  • See what you are developing.
  • Test and document waveforms.
  • Test and document Inrush current behaviour.
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