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ELab EMI measurement instruments

Power analyzer DPA3011 | ELab Tools

Power analyzer DPA3011

For development and troubleshooting

Need to check the mains (110 / 230Vac) loading of a device and need to comply to the IEC6100-3-2? Then you need a power analyzer, …

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Test and Measurement equipment for engineers

ELab Tools is a trademark of Engineering Spirit B.V. , which has been developing and producing electronic solutions for her customers since 1991.
In those years, a many high-end devices have been developed. As part of those developments, specialized qualification tools were made.

We often designed test setups that could not be built with standard parts, so we developed equipment to fulfill that requirement.
Some of these equipments are generic and will be useful to other engineering companies.

This is why we make these available for distribution.

The Electronics development is outsourced to our parent company Engineering Spirit.

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ELab Tools

We operate globally; our office is in the centre of the Netherlands.